Why Buy From Farmington Hills Leather?

Farmington Hills Leather uses only quality leather and hardware in all of their products.  Our standard roller buckles are made of stainless steel or brass and there is a variety of other buckle options.   We use Chicago screws instead of snaps or rivets which can wear out to ensure the buckle stays put.  This will make switching buckles easy and convenient.

Men have been wearing belts going as far back as 3,000 B.C., and both genders have worn these accessories on and off throughout the years, depending on current fashion trends. Today, belts are a staple for men and popular among women. “I don’t know a man who doesn’t wear a belt everyday,” shares Howard Keller, partner of Farmington Hills Leather, which launched in May of 2013. “Our focus is high quality, affordable leather belts, made in the U.S. People are tired of buying belts that are made overseas of plastic and leather. They don’t last.” Farmington Hills Leather offers men’s everyday, men’s dress and ladies’ belt lines.

The company’s main product, the men’s everyday belt, is a solid hide and there is no bonding or sewing. Available in black, brown, white, tan and burgundy, it is 1/4 inch thick and is made in four widths, from 1-1/4 inch to 2 inches. The 1-1/2 inch everyday man’s belt retails for $40 to $45. The 2-inch-wide belt retails for $40 to $45. “We offer these with a cosmetic stitch as well,” Keller adds, “for an extra $4.00 per belt.”

“Ladies deserve to have a nice belt, too,” Keller points out, “but a lot of belt manufacturers in the US don’t carry ladies’ lines.” Farmington Hills Leather’s ladies belts, available in glossy white, black patent leather and several colors, come in a variety of widths and have a feminine belt buckle. with a floral pattern, the belt is thinner than the gentleman’s belt to accommodate women’s fashion desires. Belts retail for $55 to $60. Base buckles are included and retailers can purchase upgraded buckles at cost. Farmington Hills Leather sells about 60 styles of belts and 100 buckle designs. “One of the nice things about our belts is that we use Chicago screws, while a lot of other companies use riveting or snaps,” Keller continues. “Riveting does not allow wearers to change their buckles and snaps wear out. With the Chicago screws, people can easily switch belt buckles at will.”